28 Jan 2017

Enactus gives work experience

Texas Wesleyan students are gaining business experience while making a difference in their community through Enactus. Enactus is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action, according to enactus.org. “I believe it’s more than entrepreneurship because it has a social responsibility part attached,”

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14 Nov 2016

The Rambler celebrates 100 years

As The Rambler embarks on its 100-year anniversary, we, its current staff, would like to celebrate what exactly it means to be the voice of Texas Wesleyan. And since fitting 100 candles onto a cake can prove difficult, we decided to celebrate in the best way we know how –

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12 Nov 2016

The monster that no one else hears

What does it mean to have anxiety? For my best friend, it means pulling over to the side of the road when you’re five minutes away from the house. It means walking. And walking. And breathing. And walking. It means trying to listen to the voice of your best friend

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27 Oct 2016

School spirits?

The mid-September afternoon dragged on like any other in the sea of beige known as the Rambler Media Group offices. The skeleton staff squinted at their computer screens as the methodical tic-tic-tic of typing fingers filled the air like a familiar lullaby. Suddenly, the sharp three-toned ring of the office

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26 Sep 2016

K9 Karnival brings furry friends to Wesleyan

Saturday’s K9 Karnival, hosted by Texas Wesleyan’s chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, brought the Wesleyan community together with the power of “K9 Kuteness.” The organization hosted the pet education/adoption event with the goal of strengthening the bond between pooches and their humans. Proceeds from the event were shared with the

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