29 Apr 2015

Ram Jam and University College Day

Photos by Erica Estrada                                              

15 Apr 2015

My Lenten Journey of giving up social media

Take a look around campus next time you walk from one building to another. I would roughly say around half of the students walking are on their phones. It’s okay, I’m guilty of this too sometimes! I wanted to take a step back and remember how it was like before

18 Feb 2015

Free tuition is not exactly “free” even under Obama’s new college plan

President Barack Obama announced on Jan. 8, that he wants to make the first two years of community college free for those who work hard. First, I question what exactly defines who works hard? I am not saying I am not completely opposed to this idea. I am indifferent. As

12 May 2014

Texas Wesleyan offers doctoral courses in Marriage and Family Therapy

Starting in fall 2014, Texas Wesleyan’s Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy program will begin. Doctoral students will gain experience mentoring master-level counselors and serving as supervisors and classroom instructors. The Ph.D. is a new program that will be in the counseling department under the School of Education. The Ph.D.

26 Mar 2014

Texas Wesleyan’s landscape improvements good or bad

There have been a lot of new landscaping improvements on Texas Wesleyan’s campus recently. It seems as though the newest improvements have gained a liking with the Texas Wesleyan body. There have been new trees, bushes, rose beds and benches put into place across campus; but mainly many new trees