30 Mar 2019

Marvel unleashes first female lead

Alien sci-fi and ‘90s nostalgia collide in Marvel’s newest film “Captain Marvel” to create a story of heroine trying to find her identity, figure out her powers and save the world. Heading into this movie with no knowledge on Captain Marvel besides a trailer and my limited knowledge of Marvel

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01 Mar 2019

BSA closes Black History Month with a cookout

Thirty-degree weather didn’t ruin the Black Student Association’s cookout event on the final day of Black History Month. “My favorite part was the people,” Blen Hussain, BSA’s secretary, wrote in an email. “They came out, they ate, they wanted seconds, they danced, laughed, and at the end told me how

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28 Feb 2019

Women invoke power: New organization seeks to educate campus on social issues

Texas Wesleyan’s American Association of Young Women started with a march. Student Government Association President Alyssa Hutchinson was looking for someone to lead a new women’s organization; she just wasn’t sure who until she attended the Women’s March Fort Worth in late January. “Hannah (Lathen, a senior mass communication major)

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14 Feb 2019

Don’t forget to love yourself

Joyce Pedigo always makes sure to start her day with a compliment. “Usually when I wake up, I look in the mirror and say something nice about myself for the day just because that’s like a reminder that you got this, and you’re a good person,” said Pedigo, a senior

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31 Jan 2019

Sorority recruitment storms Wesleyan

After a decade of inactivity, a sorority is working to revive its Texas Wesleyan chapter. “We would like to thank the Texas Wesleyan community for letting us be involved in bringing the chapter back to campus,” Kali Rogers-Smith said. “We’re excited to be back, and hopefully by the end of

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