09 May 2016

Smart phones, no smart people

If you’re reading this, take out your smartphone or get to a computer. Go to Google and search pandas. Take a moment to look at your screen and realize what you’ve done. You’re welcome. At your fingertips is an immense library full of information on pandas. Scholarly papers, websites and

02 May 2016

Wesleyan theater students soar with Telling Tales

What happens when five Wesleyan theater students get together to make play? A story told through four magnificent tales all leading up to a grand ending that will leave you speechless. Telling Tales is a fun adventure, albeit a tricky one, that will have your attention from beginning to end.

13 Apr 2016

Prud’homme ready for new start

How do you build something out of nothing? When there’s no start or end in sight, where do you begin? Texas Wesleyan head football coach Joe Prud’homme believes you start at the source. “Start with the culture, having all of our players in the same mindset,” said Prud’homme, a 52-year-old

10 Apr 2016

Affleck plays a great new Batman

It’s finally here. The heavyweight bout of the century. The Dark Knight vs the Man of Steel himself. March 24th, 2016 Batman vs Superman was released from its floodgates. When I heard about the movie back in 2014, I was ecstatic. Marvel has had all this success with movies like

16 Mar 2016

Plog proves himself in America

Jason Plog was a success playing table tennis as a teenager in his native Germany. Introduced to the sport by a friend when he was nine, Plog was playing at the club level just a few years later. “My club back in Germany won the German National Team Championships in