07 Apr 2014

Wesleyan strives to improve safety

As you know, Wesleyan is undergoing many changes recently with the trees, sidewalks and more trees, but what you do not see is the steps Wesleyan is doing to try to keep us safe. After spring break all the university faculty and staff was required to receive training about weather,

19 Feb 2014

Wesleyan’s emergency managment system not good enough

Colleges around the U.S. now use social media along with other outlets to tell to their students about events going on, whether it’s a mass gunman or school closures. When comparing social media like Facebook and Twitter to Wesleyan Emergency Management System) you need to look at who is actually

10 Feb 2014

Construction sites on campus make unsafe conditions for students.

Walking around campus. I could not help but feel joy because of the ongoing sidewalk repairs. Change is great when it is going to help students, especially for students with disabilities. I honestly feel that while although the school is working hard to get everything done, this is something that

05 Feb 2014

Wesleyan library gives hope to less fortunate

Last semester students, faculty and staff donated gifts, dog food and money to the Meals on Wheels clients. “We wanted to thank everyone for participating and making some people happy with those little gifts,” said Sheri Parker, coordinator of library operations. This tradition has been going on at Texas Wesleyan

27 Jan 2014

Emergency management and safety take front seat for WEMS

*Editors Note: The following narration did not occur; it was used to show the effects of what could happen in this situation. Operator: 911 what is the location of your emergency? John: 1201 Wesleyan Street, Fort Worth Texas. There is a gunman on campus! Operator: Okay sir I am going