10 Nov 2016

Wesleyan students hope for a positive future after Trump win

Like many people all over the country and the world, Texas Wesleyan students are  shocked at Donald Trump being elected president. Trump’s historic upset, which was announced early Wednesday morning, seems to have set off many financial jitters, including a declining stock market; a sense of unease in other countries;

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28 Oct 2016

Students learn from visit to juvenile detention center

Texas Wesleyan students and faculty toured Gainesville State School, a maximum security juvenile correctional facility, on Thursday. The students were given a chance to explore inside the facility and see how social workers and correctional officers work with juvenile offenders.“It is a unique opportunity for students to go behind the

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28 Oct 2016

Students spooked out of voting

More than half of 20 students who responded to a recent unanimous poll said they are still undecided on whether to vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Random students were asked three questions: Are you voting?; Who are you voting for?; and Why are you

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20 Oct 2016

Balancing bouquets and books

Being a full-time student can take a lot of time and energy out of person. But add the stressful task of planning a wedding to it? Now that’s just cruel. When I said yes to my fiance Robert, the stress of juggling wedding planning, studying, and group projects definitely didn’t

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17 Oct 2016

Alumni Medal Dinner focuses on excellence at Wesleyan

Texas Wesleyan University alumni, faculty members, donors and students came together on Friday at the Fort Worth Club to celebrate the Alumni Medal Dinner. The event honored many members of the Wesleyan community for either their excellence inside the classroom, or the outreach work they are doing for the university.

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