06 Mar 2013

Comic book creators deserve compensation

The creators of some of the world’s most knows comic characters are being slighted by big

20 Feb 2013

TV networks allowing too much cursing, violence, nudity

Tristian talks about the levels network television is going to in order to compete with its cable counterpart.

06 Feb 2013

The relaunch of ‘Animorphs’ sure to be a hit

Tristian reunites with an old flame, “Animorphs”, and catches those who are unfamiliar with it up to speed.

23 Jan 2013

Hatton Sumners Scholarship supplies money, support

Would you like to be the next recipient of the Hatton W. Sumners scholarship? Read more to find out what it’s about and how to qualify.

29 Nov 2012

Glee creator gains credit for his works

Tristian gives his two cents on what he thinks of Glee creator Ryan Murphy.