17 Oct 2018

Morton Fitness Center accommodates a variety of recreational needs

The Morton Fitness Center has released its Fall 2018 Group Fitness Class Schedule, with more than four activities to take part in during the school year. The building has various activities for the school’s students to use, free of charge, according to a flyer at the center. Activities include swimming,

15 Oct 2018

women’s golf team taking on oklahoma city university this week

The Texas Wesleyan women’s golf team kicked off its 2018-2019 season in early September at the 54-hole Hawk Creek Invitational in Westworth Village, just west of Fort Worth. At the time, head coach Kevin Millikan said that he was “excited and ready to go” as the season started. He also

27 Sep 2018

Off the Record: 1969 Moon Landing, Bill Crosby Trial, Michelle Obama Speech, and Marijuana

Episode Two: The Highs and Lows This week on “Off the Record” LaTerra Wair and Hannah Onder talk about the 1969 moon landing conspiracy theory, Bill Crosby’s trial, Michelle Obama’s speech, and the legalization of marijuana. “Off the Record” is a podcast hosted by LaTerra Wair and Hannah Lathen that

21 Sep 2018

“Somewhere there is an island” Molly Dierks Art Exhibit

Texas Wesleyan host the art exhibit “Somewhere there is an island” by Molly Dierks. Molly Dierks is an assistant professor of fine arts at Tarleton State University.