13 Sep 2013

Upcoming Events at Martin Hall

Here’s an update on the events at Martin Hall starting Sept. 16. For more information please access http://web3.txwes.edu/music/music/index.htm Classes are underway, September has just arrived, and already the air is filled with the sweet sounds of music wafting from Martin Hall. Inside this facility, the TWU Music Department is set

12 Sep 2013

Mexico Inside Out Exhibition

Art and learning about new cultures come together at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum from Sept. 15, 2013-Jan. 5, 2014. The Mexico-themed exhibition called “Mexico Inside Out: Themes in Art since 1990” will be on display starting tomorrow 8.15-10 a.m. with a fresh breakfast served at 8.15. Afterward, the

20 Aug 2013

Ram camp, a treasured tradition

From water dunking to getting down and dirty with mud Ram Camp was the place to be on August 19, 2013. Ram Camp is an annual event to let incoming students and current students get to know one another and get a feel for the campus. Participating in Ram Camp