07 Nov 2013

Freakers Ball 2013: Good Show, Bad Venue

Dakota Baggett dabaggett@txwes.edu Review: Freakers Ball 2013 presents musical oddities Freakers Ball 2013 was Oct. 25, and for all you that missed out, this was the lineup of groups was: first “Even the Dead Love a Parade”, “Love & Death”, “Gemini Syndrome”, “Beware of Darkness”, “Fiver Finger Death Punch”, and finally

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07 Nov 2013

Theatre Wesleyan Second Production: “33 Variations”

33 Variations preview – Thursday, Nov. 14 Dakota Baggett dabaggett@txwes.edu Thursday, Nov. 14, will be opening night for Theatre Wesleyan’s second production of the season, “33 Variations”. The play is focused on two people that share a passion for music, and they even share similar struggles in their lives, but the interesting

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30 Oct 2013

Rambler TV’s 2013 Halloween Newscast

Boo! Welcome to the Rambler TV’s Newscast. In this Episode the Rambler TV Staff cover Texas Wesleyan’s Midnight Madness. Also the group has stories on the new Men’s Choir, The Greatest Speech of All Time, The Rosedale Renaissance, a story about the poor condition of the sidewalks, and A Day

25 Oct 2013

Concerts at Martin Hall highlight Fall Semester

Austin Iba haiba@txwes.edu Concerts at Martin Hall highlight fall semester It’s an exciting month at Martin Hall for the previous and upcoming music concerts where there is a wide variety of music and even some varieties that have not been heard. The most recent concert performed was on Oct. 15 –

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04 Oct 2013

Craving Gravy or Love in the Time of Cannibalism offers tasty performances

Review: Craving gravy or love in the time of cannibalism opening night Dakota Baggett dabaggett@txwes.edu The name says it all. There was gravy, a bit of love, and, yes, there was definitely cannibalism. The play was shocking, funny, and even briefly sad, but in the end it had a fairytale

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