17 Sep 2013

Becoming A Ram

By: Mariah Bosilikwa mbosilikwa@txwes.edu EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT A NEW RAMBLER IS COMING THROUGH! Exactly a year ago from today, I was a completely lost student at Tarrant County College entering my second year. Coming back from a very rough summer, and still carrying that baggage into my

22 Aug 2013

Welcome to Wesleyan, you are now a Ram

Check out this video of the first day of Fall 2013. This year’s Ram Camp for freshmen not only helped prepare students for the new year, it gave them a taste of Wesleyan culture. Check out Rambler TV’s Tika Cook as she interviews Ram Camp participants and leaders.

20 Aug 2013

Wesleyan tradition remains strong

Wesleyan students return to campus on Sunday, Aug. 18. After a long summer break, they prepare themselves for the new semester and the traditions that follow. Students prepare for the new semester by moving into their dorms, catch up with friends, and get ready to start their new classes. One