28 Feb 2019

Women invoke power: New organization seeks to educate campus on social issues

Texas Wesleyan’s American Association of Young Women started with a march. Student Government Association President Alyssa Hutchinson was looking for someone to lead a new women’s organization; she just wasn’t sure who until she attended the Women’s March Fort Worth in late January. “Hannah (Lathen, a senior mass communication major)

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14 Feb 2019

Don’t forget to love yourself

Joyce Pedigo always makes sure to start her day with a compliment. “Usually when I wake up, I look in the mirror and say something nice about myself for the day just because that’s like a reminder that you got this, and you’re a good person,” said Pedigo, a senior

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14 Dec 2018

Barron grows up at Wesleyan

College provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge, hone and refine acquired skills, and grow as an individual. It is a place where people can prepare to go out into the professional world, and every student begins and ends their college journey with a goal in mind. With a mission

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09 Dec 2018

Students talk about West Library’s impact on their daily lives

The Eunice & James L. West Library is the new spot on campus for Texas Wesleyan University students. Students like junior mass communication major Jaylen King Jr., takes advantage of the printing services the library has to offer students to print off notes and assignments; although he has to pay

29 Nov 2018

More than books: A talk with Risa Brown

Video by Massaran Kromah Growing up in dry and dusty Midland during the oil boom, Risa Brown was raised in a loving home with father Jene Wyatt, mother Joann Wyatt and younger sister Manda Martinez. In school Brown developed a love for English; at home she grew passionate about reading