27 Jan 2017

New Rambler editor hopes to inspire

The relationship between the faculty, staff and students of Texas Wesleyan University and the Rambler Media Group continues to grow and strengthen. This is my second semester at both Texas Wesleyan and the Rambler, and I have noticed the way the Wesleyan community looks at the Rambler group has changed

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21 Sep 2016

This Rambler editor is a girl with goals

As I walk around campus during these first few weeks of my senior year at Texas Wesleyan, I hear the familiar complaints. “No one reads The Rambler,” a student says with a sneer. “I refuse to be interviewed by The Rambler. They won’t quote me accurately,” a faculty member says with disdain.

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06 May 2016

Letter to the Editor: Professor’s statement shows disregard for Wesleyan’s mission

To Whom It May Concern, As a Texas Wesleyan University student and UCD presenter, I am concerned about a statement made in the April 13 print issue of The Rambler.  Dr. Benjamin Miller’s statement seems to show a lack of support for the student body as well as for his fellow

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