27 Feb 2014

Legal marijuana in the U.S.

For decades government officials have told the people of the United States that marijuana is a dangerous drug. They have treated weed the same thing as cocaine and heroin for years, but it’s not the same. President Richard Nixon preached about the dangers of marijuana. “The Nixon White House tapes

24 Feb 2014

Texas Wesleyan Language Company

 With the spring semester here, Texas Wesleyan has had its arrival of new students. These include transfers and international students.  For the international students, transitioning to the Wesleyan culture includes many types of support. One type of support that students among the international student population receives is language class.  Students

19 Feb 2014

Wesleyan’s emergency managment system not good enough

Colleges around the U.S. now use social media along with other outlets to tell to their students about events going on, whether it’s a mass gunman or school closures. When comparing social media like Facebook and Twitter to Wesleyan Emergency Management System) you need to look at who is actually

14 Feb 2014

Hatton W. Sumners scholarship due Feb. 14th

For those students looking for extra scholarship for next year at Texas Wesleyan, look no further than the Hatton W. Sumners scholarship opportunities. There are certain qualifications for candidates.  They must have at a 3.0 grade point average and priority majors include political science, history, pre-law and those who want

10 Feb 2014

Medicating students could cause more harm than good: ADHD part 2

 ADHD and the medications prescribed for it are a topic that interests more than 5,000,000-people across the United States. The National Alliance on Mental Health reported over 1000 patients with ADHD who committed suicide in 2010. But consumers will not find suicide listed on the Food and Drug Administration’s labeling for ADHD