06 Mar 2014

Texas Wesleyan students travel the world

There are seemingly opportunities for students at Wesleyan to travel abroad and visit foreign countries. Wesleyan Students have an opportunity to study abroad, many programs across the disciplines offer students with an overseas travel part to travel to foreign countries with courses in religion, humanities, languages, music, fine art, and

05 Mar 2014

Texas Wesleyan votes for new Student Government Association positions

March is upon is, and that means the student election campaign for student government offices is not far behind place In April the Student Government Association will soon hold elections for the 2014-2015 officers in the 95th year of the SGA at Texas Wesleyan University. Almost any student can run in

03 Mar 2014

Texas Wesleyan presents University College Day

For proposals closed, it is only a matter of weeks before this year’s University College Day gets into full swing. There will be a new theme “This Year of Sustainability,” and the two guest speakers Katharine Hayhoe, PhD, associate professor at Texas Tech; and Stefan Stamoulis will help in getting

28 Feb 2014

2014 Wesleyan Homecoming King and Queen

The anticipation of the 2014 Wesleyan Homecoming King and Queen announcement was heavy leading up to the coronation Feb. 15. Facebook and Instagram were full of pictures and posts advertising the King and Queen hopefuls. “Vote for me!” was being yelled through campus as students walked to class. On Homecoming

27 Feb 2014

Legal marijuana in the U.S.

For decades government officials have told the people of the United States that marijuana is a dangerous drug. They have treated weed the same thing as cocaine and heroin for years, but it’s not the same. President Richard Nixon preached about the dangers of marijuana. “The Nixon White House tapes