24 Sep 2014

Will medical marijuana come to Texas?

Marijuana law reform is sweeping the nation and causing heavy debate throughout Texas. The debate is coming from local and state political groups, politicians and others who have opposing opinions about legalizing marijuana in Texas. On one side is The National Organization to Reform Marijuana laws, or NORML They support

15 Sep 2014

Black, White, and Grey

Black White and Gray, Chris Watson Band’s second studio album released July 2014, was a great way to introduce the new, fully equipped horn section. Local talent Chris Watson — musician, vocalist, songwriter for band — makes it clear that Chris Watson Band began to get comfortable with the idea

12 Sep 2014

World Suicide Prevention Day

On Sept.10, the Texas Wesleyan University community acknowledged World Suicide Prevention Day by hosting an awareness event on campus. In front of West Library, students, faculty and staff participated in the event to share personal experiences, as well as support for the cause. Attendees wrote on balloons and released them

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