08 Nov 2013

50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy Assassination

On Nov. 22, 1963, between the Texas School Book Depository building in Dallas and a grassy knoll an event occurred that forever made a mark in history. This month – Nov. 22 – will be the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. He was the 35th President and

30 Oct 2013

Rambler TV’s 2013 Halloween Newscast

Boo! Welcome to the Rambler TV’s Newscast. In this Episode the Rambler TV Staff cover Texas Wesleyan’s Midnight Madness. Also the group has stories on the new Men’s Choir, The Greatest Speech of All Time, The Rosedale Renaissance, a story about the poor condition of the sidewalks, and A Day

29 Oct 2013

Ann Elms assists Texas Wesleyan students with scholarships

Rosy Perez Rperez1196@txwes.edu Since 2005 Ann Elms helped 15 students go to college with full ride scholarships, and Texas Wesleyan is near the top of the listings. Some of the other schools attended by those students are the University of North Texas, the University of Texas at Arlington, University of

25 Oct 2013

LEAP Motion introduces new technology

Austin Iba haiba@txwes.edu The LEAP Motion company (leapmotion.com) has come out with updated technology where people can draw, play, create, explore and learn and by using only their hands. LEAP Motion Inc. has made an industry milestone as the first PC notebook that has three-dimensional motion control capabilities. By using

24 Oct 2013

Hangman’s House of Horrors haunts again – pp. 4 or 5

If you want a fright this Halloween season, then Hangman’s House of Horrors in Fort Worth is the place for you. This Halloween haunt has been in place for a few years now but, the 2013 show appears among the best since Hangman’s first opened. Houses’ director, D’Ann Dagen told