29 Apr 2017

Will Trump start another world war?

On April 4, at least 58 people were killed in a chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun; this led President Donald Trump to fire missiles into Syria two days later, according to cnn.com. As a result, people in the United States have started to question whether history

29 Apr 2017

Our obsession with animals on the internet

On April 15, at 9:55 a.m., 1.2 million people tuned into the livestream of April the giraffe giving birth to her new baby boy. The days leading up to the birth were met with great anticipation from across the internet, but why? What started out as just a Facebook livestream

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16 Apr 2017

Fixing issues through mutual respect

America’s mood is bitter to say the least.  Many American people are stressed from working long hours and receiving low pay; frustrated with an economy of rising prices and declining jobs; worried about a generation growing up in unstable households and a weak education system; and neurotic from a hostile

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15 Apr 2017

Should doctors lie to their patients?

The Texas Senate has recently made headlines due to considering Senate Bill 25, a bill that would prevent parents from suing their doctor if their baby is born with disability. The bill which was proposed back in March has become controversial because critics, including some doctors, say pro-life doctors would

31 Mar 2017

Why you should be true to yourself

With the current political climate, it is important to remind people that the Texas Senate approved Senate Bill 6, which would require transgender people to use bathrooms in public schools, government buildings and other publicly-owned facilities that match their “biological sex” and not their gender identity, according to texastribune.org. As

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