24 Mar 2015

Count on the Arizona Wildcats to surprise in March Madness

March Madness is the best time of the year for a college basketball fan, because 64 of the best teams in college basketball battle it out to see who is crowned the NCAA National Champion. The tournament opened on March 19 with several upsets. In the West Region, No. 14

28 Oct 2014

Campus Improvements delayed

Last fall, President Fred G. Slabach announced several changes to the Texas Wesleyan campus. Some of the improvements are still in progress, some have been delayed, and some are taking longer than expected. The highlights of the campus improvements were the Rosedale renaissance: the Clock Tower, United Methodist Church Central

01 Oct 2014

NFL needs consistency with punishment

Anyone with a pulse knows about the NFL and Ray Rice. Rice was caught on video knocking his then-fiancé (now wife) out with a haymaker to the face. Rice has been suspended indefinitely by Roger Goodell and the NFL. Here comes a shocking news flash. This isn’t the first time

25 Sep 2014

Sports Bandwagon Fans: Don’t deserve to be a part of Sports

It’s a new year and a new season of sports. With every season, there are always bandwagons. There are two types of bandwagons. Type one being the ones who claim they are a “fan” of a particular sports team, even though they had no prior support or interest in the

16 Jul 2014

Lookout NBA, the Mavericks are coming.

With the recent signing of Parsons and the trade for Tyson Chandler back in June, the Mavericks are gunning for another title bout in 2014.