25 Oct 2013

Today’s American divide similar to Civil War – Rambler Column – Zane Callens

The days we live in subsist of a political divide that has not been experienced to equivalent degree since the Civil War. As the multiple directions that our country’s leaders want take us are outlying from coast to coast, it grieves the American patriot that he can only read in

10 Oct 2013

Morton Fitness Center Insanity Program: you have to be insane to commit to this

Rosy Perez Rperez1196@txwes.edu Are you ready to have sweat dripping onto the floor down your back and in your eyes and all in thirty minutes? When I started to look into the Insanity class offered at the Morton Fitness Center, I didn’t think it was going to be as intense

03 Oct 2013

Rosedale: Does it ever end?

Having such a rich history in the city of Fort Worth—actually in all of Texas—Texas Wesleyan University should have a campus that matches the illustrious background.

25 Sep 2013

Staff editorial- Finding the right campus organization for your interests is like finding the right shoes that fit

Are you wanting to have an exciting college experience to proudly look back on at Texas Wesleyan? You can… Being involved on campus is very simple no matter what your classification is. Whether you live on campus or are commuter, a freshman or senior, international student, transfer student, graduate student

23 Sep 2013

Column: Tony Romo’s inconsistency

By Dakota Baggett, Rambler Staff So far the  Cowboys have started off strongly with a 2-1 record to lead their division, and Tony Romo seems to be preforming well statistically. As far as the past goes, Romo is an average a and in some aspects he can even be called a slightly above-average QB.