25 Sep 2013

Staff editorial- Finding the right campus organization for your interests is like finding the right shoes that fit

Are you wanting to have an exciting college experience to proudly look back on at Texas Wesleyan? You can… Being involved on campus is very simple no matter what your classification is. Whether you live on campus or are commuter, a freshman or senior, international student, transfer student, graduate student

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23 Sep 2013

Column: Tony Romo’s inconsistency

By Dakota Baggett, Rambler Staff So far the  Cowboys have started off strongly with a 2-1 record to lead their division, and Tony Romo seems to be preforming well statistically. As far as the past goes, Romo is an average a and in some aspects he can even be called a slightly above-average QB.

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17 Sep 2013

Dia De Los Toadies 6

Dia De Los Toadies 6   A&E first-person observations – Dia de Los Toadies – Panther Island Pavilion – Sept. 14   By Dakota Baggett   dabbaggett@txwes.edu   NOTES TO READERS: Due to prior engagements during the day, we arrived as the last band is going off – pretty sure

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17 Sep 2013

Becoming A Ram

By: Mariah Bosilikwa mbosilikwa@txwes.edu EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT A NEW RAMBLER IS COMING THROUGH! Exactly a year ago from today, I was a completely lost student at Tarrant County College entering my second year. Coming back from a very rough summer, and still carrying that baggage into my

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12 Sep 2013

Baggett reacts to College Republican editorial

This was a opposite editorial response to the article President Obama’s Attack on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Zane Callens. This response was written by staff writer Dakota Baggett In response to, President Obama’s Attack on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Zane Callens, the

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