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13 Oct 2017

Powder-puff game draws players to the mall

On Wednesday night, students got the chance to participate in a powder-puff football game on the campus mall. Senior Psychology major Muhye Hammattah said the game was held in conjunction with homecoming week.  “We wanted to bring homecoming football culture to the school,” he said. Texas Wesleyan plays Bacone College

12 Oct 2017

Alumni honored at Friday Medal Dinner

Dr. Allen Henderson, Texas Wesleyan provost and senior vice president, said the Alumni Medal Dinner, which will be held Friday at the Fort Worth Club, is really to honor those alumni that represent the university in unique ways in their life. Dr. Michael Williams, president of UNT Health Science Center

11 Oct 2017

Rams gear up for homecoming game against Bacone College

Head football coach Joe Prud’homme says the Rams have one priority heading into Saturday’s homecoming game against Bacone College. They need to finish what they start. “The main priority is to finish plays, drives, quarters, halves and games. We need to play well in all three phases in the same

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10 Oct 2017

Sports Access with Tina Huynh

Reporter Tina Huynh meets with some of the athletes on campus to find out more about what causes concussions, Also, stay tuned for more sports updates. 

10 Oct 2017

Special Edition – Breast Cancer Featuring Susan G. Komen

Hannah Lathen has the inside scoop on what she learnt about breast cancer, here’s more. 

10 Oct 2017

Newscast with Shaydi Paramore

Get your Ram updates for this semester with our very own editor-in-chief Shaydi Paramore.