25 Oct 2017

Artists discuss their work at Templeton studio

Tuesday was a day of firsts for the Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Studio. “You are the first attendees in the first gallery talk of the first art gallery at Texas Wesleyan University,” art professor Kit Hall said to a group of students, faculty and staff at the artist talk for

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01 Mar 2017

Grammer comes full circle

Texas Wesleyan University will develop a permanent art gallery at the Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Studio. Wesleyan President Frederick Slabach announced the addition of the gallery on Feb. 14 during a 2020 Town Hall meeting. “We are developing a permanent art gallery that would include outside art, maybe some children’s

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06 Mar 2013

Tattoos are becoming a trend [OPINION]

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has tattoos, some more than others. Growing up in various neighborhoods throughout Southern California — it was quite normal to see people with ink marks on their bodies; it was mostly common among the men though. Many of them had earned their ink while serving

09 Oct 2012

FW library exhibit brings Quanah, Cynthia Parker to life

Memoriam all around the four walls, Comanche Warrior suits and weapons modeled in glass cases, and the life of Quanah and Cynthia Parker was a sight to see as I walked into the exhibit. The breast plate of Quanah Parker, beaded with red and yellow embroidery, captured my eyes. I