20 Apr 2018

Students protest Board of Trustees meeting

Around 20 Texas Wesleyan students protested outside a Board of Trustees meeting Friday morning due to their continued concern over the 16-hour block rate change. This is the second protest students have participated in over this issue; the first was in March after spring break. But this time the protesters

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12 Jul 2017

Tim Carter is named new chairman for Texas Wesleyan Board of Trustees

After 19 years of service, the Texas Wesleyan University Board of Trustees named Tim Carter as its new chairman. Carter’s previous board service was from 1996-2006, with his current term beginning in 2008. As chairman, Carter will largely focus on the 2020 Vision.  “The 2020 Vision strategic plan is our

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14 Feb 2017

Wesleyan is named the first Blue Zones-approved Texas university

Texas Wesleyan is the first Blue Zones-approved university in Texas. At Tuesday’s 2020 Town Hall meeting at the Baker Building, Wesleyan President Frederick Slabach thanked the university’s Blue Zones ambassador members that worked to make this happen. Based on the New York Times bestseller The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living

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17 Oct 2016

Alumni Medal Dinner focuses on excellence at Wesleyan

Texas Wesleyan University alumni, faculty members, donors and students came together on Friday at the Fort Worth Club to celebrate the Alumni Medal Dinner. The event honored many members of the Wesleyan community for either their excellence inside the classroom, or the outreach work they are doing for the university.

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29 Jan 2016

Fersing, four others to be honored

Jan Fersing never attended Texas Wesleyan, but he’s supported the university for more than a decade. Fersing, a Vermont native, is an Ivy Leaguer but has lived in Fort Worth for decades. His passion for helping Wesleyan athletes is shown in attendance at athletic events and a scholarship devoted to