19 Feb 2019

Crowded classrooms plague Wesleyan

Texas Wesleyan has a space problem, and it’s not going away any time soon. Classes are in classrooms that are either too small or do not provide adequate technology, and students are not given enough awareness of technology on campus. One psychology student said her classes last semester in the

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20 Aug 2013

Wesleyan tradition remains strong

Wesleyan students return to campus on Sunday, Aug. 18. After a long summer break, they prepare themselves for the new semester and the traditions that follow. Students prepare for the new semester by moving into their dorms, catch up with friends, and get ready to start their new classes. One

06 May 2013

10-year-old boy demonstrates education technology

Professor Jackie Gaffner’s education class, Computers as a Classroom Tool, had an exceptional guest speaker on April 30. The guest speaker, Colby Tiberg, 10, is a third grade boy who was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Koolen-de Vries Syndrome that limits his speech but he overcomes that by using technology.

24 Apr 2013

Alumni return, remember, reconnect at reunion

Once again the Texas Wesleyan alumni gather to return, remember, and reconnect with all the good times they had at Wesleyan. On April 18-20, 2013, the Texas Wesleyan alumni had an eventful weekend full of memories, dinners, and old friends. Gina Phillips ’97 MSP ’07, director of development and alumni

24 Apr 2013

Smaller.Smarter Marketing campaign strives for excellence, conquers

For decades  some have considered Texas Wesleyan the metroplex’s “best kept secret”, but the Marketing and Communications Department has succeeded in unveiling Texas Wesleyan  with the  Smaller.Smarter advertising campaign. Texas Wesleyan’s advertising and admissions campaign, Smaller.Smarter has had the honor of winning five awards in the 2012 Collegiate Advertising Awards and won awards