12 Dec 2017

Martin doesn’t let cancer define him

Dalton Martin, a super senior at Texas Wesleyan University, might seem like an average college student on the surface but he is anything but average. Every day Martin gets up, brushes his teeth, showers, gets dressed and eats breakfast. If it’s a weekday he packs his black Nike backpack, grabs

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14 Mar 2016

The ugly truth about a college degree

Did you know that a college degree is worth less if you are raised poor?  So much for the American dream. We are taught that if we, no matter who we are, can graduate high school, go to college, find a passion, find a career, get married, have kids, we’ll

11 Mar 2014

Texas Wesleyan offers Hatton Sumners Scholarship

For those students looking for extra scholarship for next year at Texas Wesleyan, look no further than the Hatton W. Sumners scholarship opportunities. There are certain qualifications for candidates.  They must have at a 3.0 grade point average (4.0 scale), and priority majors include political science, history, pre-law and those

03 Mar 2014

Texas Wesleyan presents University College Day

For proposals closed, it is only a matter of weeks before this year’s University College Day gets into full swing. There will be a new theme “This Year of Sustainability,” and the two guest speakers Katharine Hayhoe, PhD, associate professor at Texas Tech; and Stefan Stamoulis will help in getting

28 Feb 2014

2014 Wesleyan Homecoming King and Queen

The anticipation of the 2014 Wesleyan Homecoming King and Queen announcement was heavy leading up to the coronation Feb. 15. Facebook and Instagram were full of pictures and posts advertising the King and Queen hopefuls. “Vote for me!” was being yelled through campus as students walked to class. On Homecoming