20 Sep 2018

Off the Record: Police Brutality, Flat Earth, and Colin Kaepernick

This week on “Off the Record” LaTerra Wair and Hannah Lathen talk about police brutality, flat earth, and Colin Kaepernick, “Off the Record” is a podcast hosted by LaTerra Wair and Hannah Lathen that discusses news events going on at Texas Wesleyan University, current events in the world, and controversial

15 Apr 2017

Should doctors lie to their patients?

The Texas Senate has recently made headlines due to considering Senate Bill 25, a bill that would prevent parents from suing their doctor if their baby is born with disability. The bill which was proposed back in March has become controversial because critics, including some doctors, say pro-life doctors would

30 Jan 2017

Women march around the world

On Saturday morning, floods of people wearing pink hats and feminist gear and brandishing signs made their way to the Texas State Capitol to take part in the Women’s March. After march co-producer Kim Taylor led a countdown to the start of the event, cheers of “Love trumps hate” and

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