14 Dec 2018

Barron grows up at Wesleyan

College provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge, hone and refine acquired skills, and grow as an individual. It is a place where people can prepare to go out into the professional world, and every student begins and ends their college journey with a goal in mind. With a mission

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07 Feb 2017

Hannah Onder shines as a feature writer and designer

Hannah Onder is a freshman mass communication major originally from Kersey, Pa. known for her creative feature writing and photojournalist skills. Upon graduating from Chisholm Trail High School in Fort Worth, Onder decided to continue her love for writing and telling stories at Texas Wesleyan. “What’s crazy is that when

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06 Nov 2012

DeLotto brings world perspective to students

Dr. Jeffrey DeLotto, professor of English at Texas Wesleyan for 25 years, proves to be a man of many worlds. Some would say he lives a double life as a professor, husband, writer and traveler. Most of his students can’t even begin to imagine the man behind the desk as