14 Dec 2016

Graduation focuses on the idea of continuing education

On Saturday, Wesleyan graduated more than 300 students at the MacGormen Chapel of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; the event featured alumni Dr. Juan Quintana as the keynote speaker. Quintana graduated from Wesleyan’s  GPNA program in 1996 with a master’s degree in health science with an emphasis on anesthesia.

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12 Dec 2016

Graduation speakers stress importance of education

As audience members prepared themselves for the emotional ride of graduation, Dean of Students Dennis Hall made light of a special room. “In case anyone needs it, we do have a crying room towards the left of me,” Hall said Saturday morning before the start of Texas Wesleyan’s Fall Commencement

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19 Apr 2016

Don’t freak out about graduation fears

A few days ago I was scrolling through social media searching for a controversial topic or trending issue to write this issue’s opinion piece. However, the article that caught my eye seemed much more relatable to me than Donald Trump, police brutality or some celebrity, especially at this moment in

18 May 2015

Ceremony honors influential faculty members

Texas Wesleyan held its spring graduation robing and hooding ceremonies on Friday in Martin Hall. Graduating students choose a professor that inspired them to help put on their graduation robes while onstage, signifying that the student is ready for graduation. “The hooding ceremony that began in 1927 expresses a warm