24 Oct 2014

Abbott, Davis face off in Texas’ 2014 gubernatorial election

On Nov. 4, Texans will cast their votes in the gubernatorial election of 2014. And the look of Texas politics could change for the first time in over a decade. While Sen. Wendy Davis (D) and Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) are leading the polls thus far, Libertarian Party candidate

24 Sep 2014

Will medical marijuana come to Texas?

Marijuana law reform is sweeping the nation and causing heavy debate throughout Texas. The debate is coming from local and state political groups, politicians and others who have opposing opinions about legalizing marijuana in Texas. On one side is The National Organization to Reform Marijuana laws, or NORML They support

22 Oct 2012

Perry calls for tuition freeze

As the economy tightens the wallets of parents planning to send their kids to college, Texas Governor Rick Perry has a plan to help alleviate the growing financial burden by freezing college tuition at public schools. Perry hopes to freeze college tuition in the public sector at the price a