09 Mar 2017

Be aware of dangers on spring break

Texas Wesleyan students and staff have already began taking precautions for any dangers spring break might bring. Chris Beckrich, Wesleyan’s director of campus safety and security, said that drinking is by far the most common safety issue affecting college students on spring break. “We actually have very few drunk incidents

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07 Apr 2014

Wesleyan strives to improve safety

As you know, Wesleyan is undergoing many changes recently with the trees, sidewalks and more trees, but what you do not see is the steps Wesleyan is doing to try to keep us safe. After spring break all the university faculty and staff was required to receive training about weather,

27 Jan 2014

Emergency management and safety take front seat for WEMS

*Editors Note: The following narration did not occur; it was used to show the effects of what could happen in this situation. Operator: 911 what is the location of your emergency? John: 1201 Wesleyan Street, Fort Worth Texas. There is a gunman on campus! Operator: Okay sir I am going

22 Nov 2013

Slippery, uneven sidewalks remain growing concern

With upcoming construction on the Rosedale Renaissance project, many students and faculty of the Wesleyan community are looking forward to the improvements on the sidewalks on Rosedale Street. However, what students have also been looking forward to is not only the sidewalks outside of campus, but inside the campus as

20 Feb 2013

Crime by students a bad reflection on the university

Rolondra trys to get students to understand that most of the crime that happens on campus is done so by the students themselves, not people from the surrounding neighborhood.