03 Mar 2017

Saheb returns to her post as SGA president

Student Government Association President Zahraa Saheb returned on Thursday to leading the organization’s weekly meeting, six days after the impeachment document against her was deemed invalid by a campus official. An impeachment petition was given to Saheb on Feb. 2 by then-Chief Justice Mason Standish, who resigned his position on

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20 Feb 2017

Wick becomes new SGA chief justice

SGA Chief Justice Mason Standish resigned on Thursday. Standish, a junior political science major, said his leaving SGA was due to multiple factors that increased the stress of being a full-time student and involvement in other organizations. “People said I had a noticeable change in behavior,” Standish said on Friday.

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14 Feb 2017

Saheb vows to fight impeachment

Student Government Association President Zahraa Saheb said Thursday that she will fight a petition to have her impeached. Saheb was served with papers of impeachment on Feb. 2, according to SGA Chief Justice Mason Standish. The petition was signed by 10 SGA members, Standish said. Standish, a junior political science

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29 Aug 2016

SGA to pay for student theater tickets

Theatre Wesleyan fans will be able to see performances for free this semester, thanks to the Student Government Association. The SGA voted Friday to set aside $2,500 for student tickets to theater productions this semester. The Student Theatrical Experience Fund goes into effect immediately. The vote came during the semester’s

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17 Aug 2016

President’s Picnic brings huge turnout

Texas Wesleyan University held its annual President’s Picnic on Tuesday in Sid W. Richardson Center. David Monge, coordinator of student organizations and Greek life, helped plan the picnic, which brought a huge turnout, despite rainy weather. Monge said he wanted to expand the picnic experience. “We wanted to make it

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