11 Sep 2014

Smoke clears Texas Wesleyan campus

After being in effect less than a month, Texas Wesleyan University’s non-smoking policy has already divided opinions. There are those, such as, Greg Neil, a transfer student from Tarrant County College, who believe the policy will help the campus. Others, however, such as Samantha Herrington, a senior English major, believe

04 Mar 2014

Wesleyan going smoke free?

The buzz around campus smoking-sections is that Texas Wesleyan could become a smoke-free campus. It has be said that Wesleyan might become a non-smoker free campus. Of course, that’s not going to happen. Because it’s ridiculous, just like the notion of a smoke-free campus. Not so long ago people could smoke inside or outside of

27 Feb 2014

Legal marijuana in the U.S.

For decades government officials have told the people of the United States that marijuana is a dangerous drug. They have treated weed the same thing as cocaine and heroin for years, but it’s not the same. President Richard Nixon preached about the dangers of marijuana. “The Nixon White House tapes

24 Apr 2013

Wesleyan needs considerate smokers [Opinion]

Rambler reporter Victoria Slaten voices her opinion about the smoking on campus and the dangers it poses.

06 Mar 2013

Smoking issues arise to new smoking policies

After repeated complaints about the lack of regard for current smoking policies on campus, Student Government has made steps to bring in a new policy that will go into effect and include fines for violators.