01 Feb 2017

Should online shares be selective?

The ability to connect with the masses through social media has changed the world.  For many people, the constant need to check or post on social media has become an essential part of our day-to-day plans. According to digitaltrends.com, people in the U.S. check some type of social media account

31 Jan 2017

Beta Gamma Sigma presents social media workshop

The academic honors society Beta Gamma Sigma presented a Business Tips for Social Media workshop on Tuesday. Stephanie Hynes, Texas Wesleyan’s director of digital marketing and strategy, told students how to use Facebook as part of a businesses’ marketing strategy. Many executives may second-guess social media because they believe it

15 Apr 2015

My Lenten Journey of giving up social media

Take a look around campus next time you walk from one building to another. I would roughly say around half of the students walking are on their phones. It’s okay, I’m guilty of this too sometimes! I wanted to take a step back and remember how it was like before

20 Mar 2014

Texas Wesleyan’s Mass Communications department gets a facelift

Starting Fall 2014, the mass communications department curriculum will change to better help students expertise towards their desired career. The Mass Communications department will follow the conversant media model other communication departments across the university are following. In Summer 2013 Dr. Kay Colley, assistant professor of mass communications, attended national

19 Feb 2014

Wesleyan’s emergency managment system not good enough

Colleges around the U.S. now use social media along with other outlets to tell to their students about events going on, whether it’s a mass gunman or school closures. When comparing social media like Facebook and Twitter to Wesleyan Emergency Management System) you need to look at who is actually