28 Feb 2014

2014 Wesleyan Homecoming King and Queen

The anticipation of the 2014 Wesleyan Homecoming King and Queen announcement was heavy leading up to the coronation Feb. 15. Facebook and Instagram were full of pictures and posts advertising the King and Queen hopefuls. “Vote for me!” was being yelled through campus as students walked to class. On Homecoming

24 Apr 2013

Ram Jam unites university

Ram Jam is an annual event that coincides with University College Day to make it more eventful for students, faculty and staff who have worked hard making their presentations throughout the day.

20 Jan 2012

MADE producers come to Wesleyan 

Jordan Twine jetwine@txwes.edu Looking for your dream to come true? MTV producers will be present for a casting call Thursday, Jan 19. MTV producers search for college students who are looking for a chance to make their dreams come true. The casting call will take place at noon in the