31 Mar 2019

Enactus enables students to get involved on campus

In her first few days at the Texas Wesleyan campus, transfer student and junior general business administration major Karen Duarte-Escobar was feeling like a lost outsider until she was invited to her first Enactus meeting. She was invited by her professor and Enactus advisor, Dr. Meghan Wright. She immediately started

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30 Mar 2019

Lester’s recovery taking longer than expected

More than 4,000 miles away from home, golfer Rowan Lester is in a situation he never thought he would be in as a junior. Lester came to Texas Wesleyan from Dublin, Ireland on a full golf scholarship. Since then he has won first place at the 66th NAIA National Championship

29 Mar 2019

Training now saves lives later

We face the grim reality that active shooter incidents are are rapidly increasing. Texas Wesleyan is attempting to face this possible eventuality by holding safety briefings, but this simply isn’t enough. Active shooter training should be mandatory for all professors teaching on campus and active shooter drills should be done

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06 Mar 2019

Veganism takes root in Texas Wesleyan’s Cowtown community

Texas Wesleyan may be located in “Cowtown” but the university is home to a diverse population of students, faculty and staff, which include vegans and vegetarians. Academic Coordinator for Liberal Studies Beth Jackson has been a vegan for five years. She decided to make the change at age 38 after

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02 Mar 2019

Are adding sports helpful or harmful?

Texas Wesleyan has been trying its best to keep the number of students increasing over the past few years. The university’s main source has been adding sports teams to ensure that enrollment keeps growing. Since the fall of 2015, Wesleyan has added men’s and women’s tennis, football, dance, esports and

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