Career Services host Grad Fair


Texas Wesleyan student Kime Sims talks to a representative of St. Edward’s University at Thursday’s Grad Fair. Photo by Shelby Reddington

Texas Wesleyan’s Career Services hosted its annual Graduate and Professional School Fair on Thursday.

 Associate Director of Career Services Michael Gatton said Career Services is mandated or asked to provide opportunities for students after they receive a bachelor’s degree.

The fair included representatives from 29 schools, including Sam Houston State and Baylor University.

“We put on a grad fair and invite graduate schools and professional schools so students have opportunities and know that opportunities exist for graduate programs out there other than Texas Wesleyan graduate programs,” Gatton said.

Gatton said that if students are looking for something after earning a bachelor’s degree, the fair is the place to be.

“Juniors and seniors should come out and see what it’s all about,” Gatton said. “You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s an opportunity to learn what’s out there.”

Senior English major Kime Sims went to the grad fair, which was held in the Baker Building, looking for programs in early childhood education or perhaps business preferably online in the hunt for a masters and or Ph.d programs.

Sims made it a point to look around at the other schools the fair had to offer.

“I’m looking for other graduate schools so that I can get a varied perspective on my education,” Sims said.

Senior English major Katherine Smith English went to the fair just to look around; she said she is not sure she is going to purse a graduate degree.

“Right now I have a bunch of connections for my future job and graduate school is only a possibility,” Smith said.

Smith is looking at getting a job at Wesleyan in the publishing department.

 “You might have thought one particular program was the right program for you, but then you go out and find there’s another graduate school and they do the same thing just a little bit different and really it’s a better fit for you,” Gatton said.