Saheb vows to fight impeachment


SGA President Zahraa Saheb presents a bill at the SGA meeting on Feb. 2. Photo by Nicholas Acosta.

Student Government Association President Zahraa Saheb said Thursday that she will fight a petition to have her impeached.

Saheb was served with papers of impeachment on Feb. 2, according to SGA Chief Justice Mason Standish.

The petition was signed by 10 SGA members, Standish said.

Standish, a junior political science major, said that the next step in the process is a closed-door hearing that will determine if Saheb will go on trial. If she is found guilty, she will be removed from her position; if she is found not guilty, she will remain SGA president. The trial would be open to the student body.

Standish said a date for the hearing has not been decided.

Saheb, a junior political science and English major, said her powers and duties as president are suspended until after the hearing and possible trial.

 “I am unable to act as president, I’m unable to act as a member of the association, I cannot attend executive meetings,” Saheb said.

Saheb did not attend last Thursday’s SGA meeting; she said that she can attend SGA meetings as a spectator. Vice President Kelsea Coker chaired the meeting.

She said she is extremely passionate about SGA and takes full responsibility for what is done in SGA. Whatever happens, she trusts the process and will always continue to serve the student body.

 “I believe an injustice has been done to me,” Saheb said. “I’m taking it positively because I don’t want to stop the system.”

Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students Dennis Hall, one of SGA’s faculty advisors, declined on Feb. 2 to comment on the issue, but wrote in an email that a future statement on the matter would be coming soon.


Attached below is the Student Government Association impeachment petition: