Rams ready to take on Oklahoma Panhandle State University


Kane Hardin (10) quarterback throws the ball while the offensive line holds off Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Photo by Little Joe

The Rams are eager to play Oklahoma Panhandle State University (6-3,5-2 CSFL) in Goodwell, Okla. on Saturday.

The team will do well in this, the season’s final game, if they can play well during the whole game and not just the second half, head coach Joe Prud’homme said.

The Rams have to do three things to be competitive in Saturday’s game.

  1. Execute.

The Ram’s offense, defense, and special teams have to play well during the entire game for the Rams to be competitive, Prud’homme said.

“[The Rams are trying to improve] execution, and taking advantage of opportunities and playing well in all three phases for four quarters,” he said.

  1. Perfect the fundamentals.

“[We’ve been] working on fundamentals and preparing for their schemes,” Prud’homme said.

The Rams have had an emphasis on perfecting their fundamental plays and abilities all year. The fundamentals are so important because they are the base for everything the team does, Prud’homme said.

The team is trying to improve at each practice, quarterback Kane Hardin said.

“[We’re] just continuing to get better every day and trying to master our craft we realize it’s our last week, so we want to go out swinging,” Hardin said.

  1. Be intense.

The Rams didn’t have the intensity they normally have during games, running back Da’vonte Mitchell-Dixon said.

“The team could have given more effort. Just like last week, we came out like we didn’t care if we won or lost and that was the deciding factor,” he said.

It felt like the team just couldn’t get the job done, Mitchell-Dixon said.

“I honestly feel like we couldn’t do anything well,” Mitchell-Dixon said. “We were being outplayed at the very end. They just wanted it more than us.”

The Rams will travel to No Man’s Land Stadium to play the Aggies Saturday at 2 p.m.. Live stats and video are available to watch at opsuaggies.com.

Kane Hardin (10) throws the ball while the offensive line holds off Southwestern Assemblies of God University.
Photo by Little Joe
Kreshawn Dikes runs out onto the field after halftime of the Arizona Christian University game.
Photo by Little Joe