Rams fall in final game of the season


Erik Richards throws a pass during the Arizona Christian University game. Photo by Little Joe

The Oklahoma Panhandle State University Aggies (7-3, 6-2 CSFL) were relentless against the Rams on Saturday, beating Texas Wesleyan 65-6.

In their final game of the season, the Rams (0-11, 0-8 CSFL) didn’t score until late in the fourth quarter, when Cole Maxwell caught a 30-yard Erik Richards pass, according to ramsports.net.

“I️ feel like a great moment of the game is when Cole scored for us,” running back Da’vonte Mitchell-Dixon said. “It showed that we wouldn’t stop fighting no matter what the score is and I️ love that.” 

“People should remember that this season was an important part of history for Texas Wesleyan University,” quarterback Erik Richards said. “This is the inaugural season that brought a new sports team to the university that will hopefully bring new graduations to the school.”

The moments the Rams spent on the field were the most important part of the season because it gave them experience to use in the future, Richards said.

“The moments most important to the team were spent on the field,” he said. “As we all know our team was young and those guys getting to be out on the field playing in actual college football games will help them tremendously in the future.”

Things that held back the Rams:

  1. Injuries.

Injuries hold back the team because they cause the players to be benched instead of on the field, Richards said.

“The injuries have definitely held us back,” Richards said. “All five of our starting offensive linemen were out for the last few games and through the season, a lot of guys, including me, spent time on the sidelines due to injury.”

The injuries caused a lot of changes in personnel throughout the season, not just against the Aggies, linebacker Tristen Blake said.

“The injuries definitely hurt us this year,” Blake said. “We had to move some people around so we could keep playing and we ended up having to have people that start on offense or defense go on more special teams than what they were already on.”

Injuries have been the most harmful factor the Rams face this season, Mitchell-Dixon said.

“Half of our receiving core went down with injuries and half of our defense too,” he said. “If we didn’t have these injuries, we could be seeing a different season favoring us.”

  1. Fighting.

“I️ feel like our team was deflated when we started arguing and fighting with them early in the second quarter,” he said. “Us having one of best players be kicked out of the game for fighting killed us big time.”

Running back Jermarcus Jones was kicked out of the game, he said.

  1. Small mistakes and execution.

There wasn’t one moment that lost the Rams the game against OPSU; it was a lot of small plays that added up, Blake said.

“There really wasn’t a big moment in the game, it was just a bunch of little things,” Blake said.

Richards thinks that if kickoff had gone differently the game would’ve been more of a competition.

“The most important part of Saturday’s game was the opening kickoff when we got the onside kick,” he said. “However, we weren’t able to capitalize on the drive and quickly lost the momentum to OPSU.”

Erik Richards throws a pass during the Arizona Christian University game.
Photo by Little Joe
Colby Reed runs onto the field before the Arizona Christian University game.
Photo by Little Joe