PAC, SGA host activities on the mall


Students line up to play sharks and minnows on Thursday. Photo by Hannah Onder

Texas Wesleyan students gathered outside the Eunice & James L. West Library on Thursday afternoon to participate in an assortment of games and activities hosted by the Programm

ing and Activities Committee, also known as PAC.

These games included bubble soccer, sharks and minnows, a roll race, and more.

PAC member Kaylia Brown said that PAC decided to host the event because they always want to make sure that there is something fun going on around campus.

She said that in the group meetings they make sure to plan things for the students, by the students.

PAC also hosted a water balloon station and joined forces with the Student Government Association’s popsicle stand to give students a chance to cool down from the afternoon heat.

“We started out as two separate groups, but we basically just joined forces with SGA together to create the best possible event,” Brown said.

Freshman SGA representative Taylor Peyton said that the event brought in plenty of students to join in on the action.

She said she was running the popsicle stand and had to keep on scrambling for more popsicles because there were so many people wanting some.

“It definitely drew in a crowd and I think it gave students some time to just relax from their busy lives,” Peyton said.

Freshman criminal justice major Callie Jones said she helped host the event and other events because it meant helping students on campus feel included and give people an opportunity to get more involved with their school.

“The event this year was great and I even was able to have some fun myself and play some of the games,” Jones said.

Freshman exercise science major Lee Benting said that he came to the event because he was walking around after class and saw a bunch of collisions in the bubble games and wanted to join in on the fun.

He said his favorite game was sharks and minnows because it was all about trying to knock the other people over.

“The event was really fun and I’d definitely come again. I would even bring some friends of mine to join in,” Benting said.

PAC’s next on-campus event will be during Ram Jam at University College Day on April 18.

Eric Johnson throws a water balloon at unsuspecting students during Thursday’s activity on the mall hosted by PAC.
Photo by Jeremy Crane
Students line up to play sharks and minnows on Thursday.
Photo by Hannah Onder

Video by Jeremy Crane