Rams move forward after win to take on Firestorm


Quarterback Erik Richards (#5) plays in last weekend’s game against the Texas College Steers. Photo by Amanda Roach

After last weekend’s history-making win against Texas College, the Rams are ready to return to the field for another shot at victory.

The Rams (1-2) are heading west this weekend to face the Arizona Christian University Firestorm in Phoenix on Saturday.

Starting quarterback Donovan Isom wrote in an e-mail that last weekend’s win really motivated the team, and they hope to improve from there.

“It is definitely a confidence booster for us,” Isom wrote. “We know what we can do in this league. We have to keep improving each week but I’m happy to get the first win for this program in a long time.”

The Rams’ 36-7 win against the Steers included three touchdowns by Jermarcus Jones.  It was the Rams’ first on-the-field win since November 1941; the team won in a forfeit in 2017.

Head coach Joe Prud’homme wrote that he was very proud of the team and was excited to see where the program would lead this season.

“We needed a win after playing some really strong programs,” Prud’homme wrote, “and this win validated our efforts. Nobody likes to lose and the win picked up everybody’s spirits.  It’s been great.  We want to build a program that the entire Wesleyan community is proud of and we appreciate any and all support.”

This week offensive coordinator Kyle Cox has been reinstated.  Cox was suspended in August after a series of tweets from 2014 were brought to light. Some people who commented on the tweets said they were offensive.

John Veilleux, vice president for enrollment, marketing & communications, wrote in a statement that, “Coach Cox was found to have not violated any University work standards or University policy within the scope of his employment and has been reinstated in his position.”

On-air announcer Jimmy Christopher wrote in an e-mail that seeing the team win was very exciting to him, and he is looking forward to the game this upcoming weekend.

“It was truly a thrill to see them finally win,” Christopher wrote.  “The coaching staff felt a different attitude in the Blue & Gold Spring Game and at the mini-camp in July.  Coach Joe Prud’homme and I said during the taping of the 1st & 10 show that a win was near. So it was inevitable that they would win sooner than later”

Even so, Christopher believes the upcoming game will be a difficult one for the Rams.

“Saturday’s game in Phoenix with Arizona Christian will be a challenge,” Christopher wrote, “Especially for the defense as ACU puts up big numbers on offense.  They are well coached on offense and defense. If Donovan Isom and the Rams offense gets rolling, it could be a high scoring affair.”

The Firestorm were 7-3 last season, including a devastating 63-7 win against the Rams.  Even so, Isom has high hopes for the upcoming game.

“I expect us to just do what we do best,” Isom wrote.  “Don’t worry about anybody else and just focus on the things we need to work on.  That’s the key.  Again, I’m so happy to be a part of this. I want to do my best for this program going forward and continue to win.”

For more information and to view the game live, go to ramsports.net.

Quarterback Erik Richards (#5) plays in last weekend’s game against the Texas College Steers.
Photo by Amanda Roach
Members of Ram Squad cheer on the Rams last weekend.
Photo by Amanda Roach
Kicker Kade Dixon watches as the Rams play the Steers.
Photo by Amanda Roach