School of Education gets a spooky makeover


Members of Kappa Delta Pi poses as they decorate Dan Waggoner Hall. Photo contributed by Agustin Tiliano

Members of Kappa Delta Pi poses as they decorate Dan Waggoner Hall. Photo contributed by Agustin Tiliano

Thanks to Kappa Delta Pi, an education honor’s organization, Dan Waggoner Hall has received a makeover fit for Halloween season.

Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) President Lisamarie Barnes explained how she learned from the Coordinator for Doctor of Education Program Judy Baker that typically there’s just a table decorated for the holiday, but her organization decided to go the extra mile and decorate the entire lobby.

“Mrs. Baker then proceeded to tell me how she and her associates decorate a table in the Lobby of Dan Waggoner Hall and host an annual Halloween trick-or-treat for a group of Fort Worth ISD students,” Barnes said, “After this, my fellow officers and I decided to organize Project Decorate DWH: Halloween.”

“We originally planned on only using the decorations that belong to DWH, but as we began to rummage through these items, we were inspired to take the decorations beyond the lobby.”

The staircase in Dan Waggoner is decked out in spider webs and autumn leaves.
Photo by Kaylia Brown

Barnes also told us how excited some of her members were to decorate the building, some of them even taking the initiative to purchase more decorations out of their own pocket.

“Some of our members wanting to take a field trip to the local dollar store and purchase more decorations out of their own pocket,” Barnes said.

KDP Secretary Lacey Mosier expressed how her excitement wasn’t just for her, but for all the students within the School of Education.

“I was really excited because I thought that it would take our mind off our everyday worries for a few minutes when we first walk in,” Mosier said.

A decorative skull rests in a pile of leaves on an arm table in the lobby of Dan Waggoner Hall.
Photo by Kaylia Brown

Mosier also shared with us some of the positive responses she has heard from other students about KDP’s decorating of the hall.

“I’ve heard many students exclaim how amazing the school looks and as soon as they walk in,” Mosier said, “Students have also told us that it makes the school feel more welcoming and comfortable.”

Agustin Tiliano, KDP’s historian, shared that she had expected this project to take a lot of work and effort on the organization’s part.

“It seemed like a lot of work,” Tiliano said, “but as a team we were able to accomplish our goal.”

A Red-eyed spider rests in webs on top of a lamp in the lobby of Dan Waggoner Hall.
Photo by Kaylia Brown

Once they completed their Halloween project, Tiliano expressed her excitement to explore future projects with KDP.

“I can’t wait to see what else we can decorate later in the year. Especially since we will be able to see the student’s reactions when they look at our decorations,” Tiliano said.

Barnes informed us that, much to Tiliano’s delight, that KDP does have plans to decorate Dan Waggoner Hall for the upcoming holiday season as well.

Barnes said that, “On November 5th, we will take down the Halloween decorations and deck the halls for Christmas.”