Sheremeta travels to Texas for eSports


Lukien Sheremetam (center) practicing with Zach Lanham (right) and Zach Williams (left). Photo by Rachell Aguilar

Having known about eSports for a long time, New York native Lukien Sheremeta decided to move down to Fort Worth to be in the Texas Wesleyan eSports program.

Sheremeta did not have any eSports options at the local community colleges in upstate New York, so he knew if he was going to take part in eSports that it would not be through those campuses.

“It seemed a lot cooler at Wesleyan than staying in New York,” Sheremeta wrote in an email.

Lukien Sheremeta grew up in upstate New York close to Albany, and has been playing video games since the age of 5. Sheremeta is currently a member of the Overwatch team for eSports.
Photo by Rachell Aguilar

It was around Aug. 10 when Sheremeta moved to Texas. He wrote that having eSports at Wesleyan influenced him to come to a university rather than a community college.

“I found out about the eSports program at the Wesleyan campus around June, when Eugen Frier, emailed me to talk about the program,” Sheremeta wrote. “The Wesleyan eSports program is the only program that reached out to me with a personal email; the other 15 schools that wanted me had automatic emails.”

Frier, the executive director of eSports and recreation, met Sheremeta during a recruiting meeting over the summer. He wrote in an email that he was very excited that the 18-year-old chemistry major came down to Texas to be on the eSports team.

“Sheremeta has a very high skill level in (Overwatch) but he also possesses an extremely high drive to succeed,” Frier wrote. “He is able to lock onto an area for improvement and dedicated a tremendous amount of focus to improve his skill in that area.”

Senior and criminal justice major Zach Lanham met Sheremeta through Ram Camp.

“I think that it’s amazing he could come so far on an eSports scholarship,” Lanham wrote in an email.

Lanham thinks the fact that Sheremeta has a lot of skill and is Overwatch’s ace in the hole makes them a competitive team.

“Instead of killing off one person on the enemy team, he kills off all of them,” Lanham wrote.

Sophomore and business major Parker Anderson, who met Sheremeta over the summer while the program was looking to fill the Overwatch roster, thinks that Sheremeta has a spirit that distinguishes him from the other Overwatch players.

“He stands out on the team for his vocal style, but he also stands out for his amazing Pharah and Genji play,” Anderson wrote in an email.

Sheremeta wrote that what interested him about being on the Overwatch team was that he is very good at the game. He would like to play for an Overwatch team after graduation.

“I have always wanted to play in a competitive setting,” Sheremeta wrote.

Lukien Sheremetam (center) practicing with Zach Lanham (right) and Zach Williams (left).
Photo by Rachell Aguilar