Students use paint to express themselves at GSA event


Zack Lanham and Alyssa Hutchinson paint at GSA’s event Tuesday night. Photo by Hannah Lathen

Bottles of paint and glitter covered the tables at the Gay Straight Alliance’s Expression Through Color event Tuesday night.

The painting event gave students a chance to use different colors to show who they are on a canvas and was held in the West Village Club House.

GSA Vice President Alanna James said the idea behind the event, which was also sponsored by the Student Government Association, was about being “your true self and being accepted.”

“We figured for our first GSA event it would be something fun but also could be really meaningful depending on how you do it,” James said.

SGA President Alyssa Hutchinson came up with the idea for the event and she said it was a great way for students to explore their identity and express it through painting. Her painting reflected her life as a student at Texas Wesleyan.

“I have this purple and soft pink in the middle that I scraped across and that represents the fact that I am in a sorority and I am a woman,” Hutchinson said. “But it is also the bi-sexual colors.”

SGA Chief Justice Zack Lanham said he really enjoyed the event and he thought it was a good turnout. He painted the symbol of his fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi.

“It is a lovely pyramid,” Lanham said. “It looks real classy.”

Lanham had to leave the event a little early due to a small accident.

“Unfortunately, I got yellow paint on me,” Lanham said. “If I let it set in it is game over and these are my favorite shorts of all time.”

Zack Lanham and Alyssa Hutchinson paint at GSA’s event Tuesday night.
Photo by Hannah Lathen
Attendees at Expression Through Color work on their paintings on Tuesday.
Photo by Hannah Lathen
Alyssa Hutchinson shows her painting, which expresses her life as a student at Wesleyan.
Photo by Hannah Lathen