Rams fall to Firestorm 45-35 in first home loss

The Rams fell to the Arizona Christian University Firestorm 45-35 on Saturday at Farrington Field.  This was the Rams’ (2-7) first home loss this season.

In the first quarter, wide receiver Tyler Pullig scored on a pass from quarterback Avery Childs to put the first score of the game on the board.  The kick from kicker Saul Fernandez was good, and the score became 7-0 in the Rams’ favor.  Soon after, the Firestorm (4-4) put a touchdown and extra point on the board, tying the game at the end of the first.

In the second quarter, the Firestorm were quick to score a touchdown but the extra point was no good, putting them at a disadvantage when running back Jermarcus Jones ran a 10-yard touchdown in and Fernandez’s kick was good, bringing the score to 14-13 for the Rams at the half.

In the second half, the Rams began to falter, putting up only one touchdown in the third quarter.  The touchdown was courtesy of a 38-yard pass to wide receiver Brandon Rolfe from wide receiver Collier Ricks.  The kick was good and the score was 21-13 in the Rams’ favor, though the lead did not last for long as the Firestorm quickly put up 11 points, bringing the score to 24-21 with the Firestorm in the lead.

The fourth quarter was filled with tension for the fans in the stands, as both teams fought back-and-forth for the victory.  After two touchdown scores from the Firestorm, the Rams scored with a 30-yard pass from Ricks to Rolfe, and with the extra kick by Fernandez, the score was 38-28 with the Firestorm still leading.

In the last two minutes of the game, the Rams made a final attempt for the victory, scoring another touchdown with a pass from Childs to Ricks.  The extra point was good, but the Firestorm was unable to be beaten.

Due to an editing error, this story was not published the day of the game or the day after.