UCD Leaves Lasting Impact on Students

For the second year in a row, Texas Wesleyan campus hosts University College Day (UCD) virtually for students, faculty and staff. With Keynote speaker Elliott Connie and many other students presenting their research and hard-work demonstrates the potential for changing the world. 

“I honestly think that the goal in life is to discover your gifts, and then to find a way to share them. I think that’s really what life is all about discovering your talent, and then finding a way to share them with the world. And I discovered I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Connie, during the keynote presentation. 

Connie’s presentation left an impact on students, reminding them that the difference they can make in the world is by using their words and using their voice. 158 people attended the event. 

Senior business-marketing major Christine Davis said she heard Connie’s message and it resonated well with her, especially in terms of finding what you love and what you’re passionate about. 

“I think that bleeds into what today was for a lot of students, like they presented research over things that they’re passionate about. I loved what we researched, and I can just talk about it forever,” Davis said. 

Davis said this is her second time presenting at UCD and felt that this was a good way to bring the campus together when we’ve all been so apart. 

“I like watched my classmates present and that encouraged me, you know, to be brave and do something that was not in my comfort zone. I hope people that watched will do the same next semester or next year, because it’s an awesome experience,” Davis said. 

Another senior business major, Joshua Rule said he was torn between a lot of presentations while also working in the admissions office. 

“A lot of the presentations I saw, they’re like addressing a problem. It’s like there’s a lot of problems, but there’s also a lot of solutions. So, it’s like just persevering and figuring out the solutions is what’s going to make the difference,” Rule said. 

Rule’s presentation was about the collective movement to recycle. He said teaching and educating people about the value in reusing products that don’t create more waste for the planet will leave an impact. 

“I think I just gave people an opportunity to realize like, hey, it is the little things. The little things across a million people in the city of like Fort Worth, is a huge difference. So, as long as we put the bug in people’s minds, ‘Should I really be using this?’ That would get the ball rolling to, ‘How else can I do things differently to be more sustainable in the future?’” Rule said. 

Christine Davis poses mid-interview for a screenshot photo opportunity.
Iram Lafarga and Christine Davis present their research about Instagram Shoppable posts to students attending mid-morning UCD presentations.
Joshua Rule holds a thumbs up for UCD mid-interview.
Joshua Rule presents The Texas Wesleyan WeCycle Initiative to increase recycling efforts on campus.