Students wait in long lines in the mornings at the coffee shop on campus


The Coffee Shop, which also serves Starbucks beverages, in the Martin Center is a hot spot in the mornings for Wesleyan student’s coffee needs. The line to get a Starbucks drink from 9a.m. to 11 A.M. can reach the elevators and turn down the corridor.  

Students try to get through the line in time for class, like first-time Coffee Shop customer, freshman Caleb Calderon, who only waited 5 minutes. “If it’s too long, I just don’t wait. It was really short this morning so that’s why I went in,” said Calderon.  

Others do their best to get through the line before class. “I gave myself 10 minutes the other day and I was still late for class because I had to wait for my drink. I mean, they are going as fast as they can,” said Bailey O’Donnell, sophomore and president of Connect College Ministries. 

Another first-time Coffee Shop customer, sophomore Ethan Kappler, said his ten-minute wait was worth it for his cold caffeinated drink.  

The Coffee Shop serves coffee, frozen beverages and teas, along with foods like pastries, sandwiches, and fruit cups.