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Mohamed-Fawzy inducted into SGA

by Hannah Lathen

Freshman English major Samiya Mohamed-Fawzy was inducted into Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association as the At-Large Representative for West Village at Friday’s general business meeting.

Mohamed-Fawzy said she has an interest in government and wants to eventually become a lawyer, which contributed to her joining SGA.

“I want to represent the students, give them what they want kind of like Nick (Davis) did before he left.” Mohamed-Fawzy said. “He was more focused on what the students needed, and I feel like I can do that.”

Mohamed-Fawzy said her main goal in SGA is to make sure important topics such as domestic violence and breast cancer awareness are given more attention than things like homecoming.

“We need to represent that more because a lot of our students are affected by that,” she said.

SGA President Alyssa Hutchinson said she is really happy to have Mohamed-Fawzy on SGA and that she has attended almost every meeting this semester so there shouldn’t be much of a learning curve.

“Sam has shown very quickly her commitment to Wesleyan by her performance in orientation and Ram Camp, also in joining LTZ and now we snagged her in SGA,” Hutchinson said. “I hope by gaining her interest as a freshman that we can keep her doing great things for the students at this table as she stays.”

SGA Secretary Alison Baron said she has known Mohamed-Fawzy since she was in Ram Camp with her and Hutchinson and saw her start off the year as shy and quiet, but she has really grown in the past few months.

“I think she is really ambitious and is going to make a great representative,” Baron said. “I think she is going to accomplish great things while at Wesleyan and I’m excited to see where she goes in her next four years here.”

SGA’s General Business Meetings are held in the SGA Chambers in Brown-Lupton on Fridays at 2 p.m.

Samira Mohamed-Fawzy listens during her first meeting as At-Large Representative for West Village.
Photo by Hannah Lathen

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ahlam st December 8, 2019 - 3:35 am

It is nice for Samiya Mohamed-Fawzy to have an ambition that she seeks and the most beautiful to arrive in the end. I wish her all success.


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