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TAG Day honors donors with reminders of their generosity

by Chelsea Day

Thanking All Givers Day, or TAG Day, is an annual event at Texas Wesleyan University sponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations. 

The purpose of the event, which this year was held Tuesday, is to thank Wesleyan donors for their contributions to the campus, according to Alumni Relations Coordinator Branigan ContrerasMore than 100 gold tags are placed on buildings and programs around the campus as a visual reminder of what students would not have been able to experience without the generosity of Wesleyan Donors. Students are encouraged to express their gratitude with thank you cards and to post selfies with the gold tags posted around campus.

Alumni Relations Coordinator Branigan Contreras hands out thank you cards to students wishing to express their gratitude to Texas Wesleyan donors.
Photo by Chelsea Day

Members of the Office of Alumni Relations mingle with Wesleyan students in front of the Eunice & James L. West Library.
Photo by Chelsea Day

Office of Alumni Relations Assistant Director Christian Garcia hands out refreshments to students while sharing information about TAG Day.
Photo by Chelsea Day

Wesleyan Students Devyn Teague (left) and Angela Castillo (right) enjoy ice cream floats provided by the Office of Alumni Relations.
Photo by Chelsea Day

Buildings and programs are tagged as visual reminders of the generous donors that provide the funds that enhance the student experience.
Photo by Chelsea Day



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