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Feyisetan hosts Relax with a Mask event at West Village

by Anyssa Pfeifer

Resident assistant Michelle Feyisetan hosted the Relax with a Mask event on Sunday night in the West Village Club House.

Feyistan is a sophomore criminal justice major who is the Programming and Activities Committee president, a new student mentor, and a member of PENN and Ram Squad.

“Relax with a Mask is a face mask party to get people to come from all communities to come in relax, eat some snacks, and spend some time to relax with a mask,” she said.

Provided at the event were juice, snacks and masks for exfoliating skin; attendees had a chance to win a few prizes if their name was drawn out of the hat; the prizes were more face masks Feyisetan had brought.

About 10 students came to the club house to participate in the event.

Qualon Gray, a junior English major, heard about the event from a flyer sent to him by his friend Alicia Smith.

“While coming out here I got to socialize with people,” Gray said.

Sylvester Rodriguez, a junior majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry, was one of the prize winners; he received an exfoliating clay mask.

“I heard about this event through Michelle and the posters on the wall; I came out to meet with friends and to reward Michelle,” Rodriguez said.

During the event Feyisetan was recognized as a new member of the Guardians of the Golden Shears by Rodriguez and Smith.

Michelle Feyisetan writes down names of attendees before drawing names from the hat during Relax with a Mask event.
Photo by Anyssa Pfeifer

Qualon Gray, Akeel Johnson, Sylvester Rodriguez, Alicia Smith, and Alyssa Hutchinson socialize in the West Village Club House.
Photo by Anyssa Pfeifer

Michelle Feyisetan is presented an award by Alicia Smith a member of Guardians of Golden Shears.
Photo by Anyssa Pfeifer

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